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Healthcare Devices Visibility

Designed for Aerial Smart Sensor data collection and analysis.

Construction Asset Monitoring and RFID Supply Chain

Tag Services

Personnel Tracking & Workflow Automation

Real-time location visibility of high-value, mission-critical assets and personnel across a facility.

Applications that increase personnel
safety and real-Time view of personnel.

Returnable & Container Tracking
RFID Asset Tracking fort IT Asset Management
Automatic Upgrades:

RFID system is able to scan multiple goods at the same time. It can identify more than 1000 goods per second, as compared to the barcode system where only one item can be scanned at a time, it can go up to 25X faster than the barcode system

Ensure that assets and categories of assets are searchable, indicating both zone-level location and “availability” status.

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Drone/UAV Asset Monitoring and Inspection
Beacon Tags, Passive RFID, GPS and sensors

Industries Applications

 24-7 Online

RTI & Container Tracking and life cicle management
Healthcare Asset Visibility

Automated inventory, movement and location tracking using  smart  technologies.

Our partners

Automated tracking of returnable / reusable logistics asset fleets for enhanced visibility and optimization.

Drone/UAV Asset Monitoring and Inspection

Our Tag Analysis service provides testing and evaluation of RFID tags on your assets in your environment. Smartx is also a Tag Producer and we work with all the leading RFID tag vendors, providing a comprehensive portfolio of tag solutions to ensure that all viable tags are evaluated and tested on your assets.

There are literally hundreds of different tags options available, each one has been designed to meet specific durability standards, read ranges, size, and tagging requirements. This process not only helps identify the tags that will perform best on your assets, but also helps you to evaluate which ones will be cost effective. 

Find the ideal tag for your application

​Price per Month:

Leading businesses Smartx Products

Asset Visibility and Analytics Platform
Data Storage:



Returnable & Container Tracking
Smart Fire Department with RFID

Real -Time

Automated Asset Tracking and Management 

Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Simple subscription pricing

Personnel Safety and Tracking


Personnel Tracking & Workflow Automation

Smartx Hub® is a 100% cloud-based Platform, asset tracking software that allows users to view enterprise assets located across multiple locations. Leveraging barcoding, RFID, Beacons tags and other advanced Smart technologies, the Platform gives you real-time visibility of your assets and allows you to automate the business processes associated with asset life-cycles. 

  • Automating the management of physical assets saves your organization labor, time and money
  • Knowing where your assets are and when they move, helps you gain more control and streamline your operations
  • Leveraging cloud computing, users manage equipment with a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs
  • Information is available in real-time or offline via data sync
  • Provides a centralized database to store all assets and parts inventory
  • Tracks asset attribute information such as location, assignment, warranty information, cost, etc
  • Enables quick and efficient searching and reporting capabilities
  • Increases overall efficiency of radio maintenance processes

Smartx can customize a tag to fit unique requirements for chip type, dimensions, programming, attachments methods and materials.​

RFID Asset for Energy - Oil and Gas
Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Solution Portfolio

Smart Manufacturing and Logistics

Only a browser is needed to access the system

Smartx Hub® unifies asset visibility data from many sources, such as Beacon Tags, Passive RFID, GPS and sensors, and turns this data into automated business processes.