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Apply drone technology to significantly improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of inventory checks and asset inspections.

Asset Visibility and Analytics Platform
Construction Asset Monitoring and RFID Supply Chain

Real-time location visibility of high-value, mission-critical assets and personnel across a facility.

Data In, Knowledge Out

RFID Asset Tracking fort IT Asset Management

We are here to help in your RFID project, speak with one of our team members to find the best products now!

Real-Time  Inventory Tracking by Air

More Industry Solutions

RTI & Container Tracking and life cicle management
Delivering Item Intelligence for Healthcare
Asset Visibility and Analytics Platform

Automated inventory, movement and location tracking using  smart  technologies.

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Connecting Machines and Products to the Internet of Things for Smart Manufacturing.

Drone/UAV Asset Monitoring and Inspection
Industrial Manufacturing

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Asset Visibility and Analytics Platform

Enterprise Insights

.Monitoring part inventory levels, ensuring machines are maintained, and identifying possible process improvements.

Enterprise Asset Intelligence for the Connected Age

Visibility that inspires smart decisions.

Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Personnel Safety and Tracking

Our software Platform ​Smartx Hub® , a 100% cloud-based, is a cost-effective way to continuously monitor and proactively manage the location, status and condition of all assets across the enterprise in real-time.

Smartx Hub® provides visual dashboards to make better operational decisions, identify process improvement opportunities and apply predictive analytics to optimize performance:

  • Real-time inventory status and monitor asset allocation, distribution and utilization enterprise-wide

  • Asset Utilization Rates show enterprise-wide utilization rates to understand the effectiveness of current asset utilization to   understand the effectiveness of current asset allocation and enable more intelligent decisions moving forward

  • ​Analyze cyclical asset flow in context, know where inventory is in the equipment process at all times (e.g, in use, lost, checked-out, cleaned, in transit or many others)

  • Overview of par level status to understand how current par levels are performing and proactively replenish or pick up equipment

  • Review the history of specific devices for compliance reporting and trending​

Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention
Wireless Technology to the Energy  Industry

The Most Advanced Software Platform for

Unified Asset Visibility

Complete Platform for Item Intelligence Solutions

Smartx Hub® unifies asset visibility data from many sources, such as Auto-ID devices, RFID Tags, Beacon Tags, GPS, Bar code, and sensors, and turns this data into automated business processes. 

Real-time information about the location of assets, parts, equipment, pallets, totes and packages or inventory as they move.